Epilepsy Patients Walking for "STEPS for Charity" & Using "Charity Miles" App
Epilepsy Patients Walking for "STEPS for Charity" & Using "Charity Miles" App

Stepping out
for a cause

Our efforts to support the entire epilepsy community also include raising money for a good cause.

Through the Charity Miles app, every time someone tracks an activity such as biking, dancing, running, or walking, money will be donated to the Epilepsy Foundation. Share your progress on social media to raise awareness among your friends and family, so they may help the epilepsy community strive for the goal of zero seizures.

You have the resources to take STEPS Toward Zero, now you can start getting your steps in for a good cause.

Steps Toward Zero QR Code

Using the camera on your mobile device, scan this QR code to download the Charity Miles app.

Epilepsy Patient in Workshop
Epilepsy Patient in Workshop

Join the Conversation:

Tell us, what does zero equal for you?

For some, it’s pursuing new relationships. For others, it’s going on their dream vacation. We want you to share what zero equals for you on social media, using #STEPSTowardZero.

For every response, SK life science will donate $1 to the Epilepsy Foundation (up to $15,000).


Elderly Epilepsy Patients Walking
Elderly Epilepsy Patients Walking

Start with s.t.e.p.s.

S.T.E.P.S. is a Discussion Guide for people with epilepsy, designed to focus on your Seizure Activity, Treatments, Emotional Impact, Personal Goals, and Safety.

By carefully thinking about each one of these categories and bringing any concerns about your current treatment routine to your doctor, you’re at the starting line to step toward zero.

S.T.E.P.S. Doctor Discussion Guide Seizure Tool
Steps Toward Zero Calendar Journal
Steps Toward Zero Calendar Journal


When it comes to understanding epilepsy, it's important to know that everyone's journey is unique. Writing down the details of your seizures can give you the chance to discover patterns, learn your triggers, and take that information to your doctor. Together, you can see how well your current treatment is working.

We got together with a couple of people in the epilepsy community and created a journal designed to benefit as many people as possible, and we’d love to share it with you.

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a journal

If you like to keep things digital, we’ve also found a few apps that we think you’ll really like. Either way, when you track your seizures through journaling, you’ll be taking steps to make your next visit with your doctor more successful.

Epilepsy Journal App Icon

Download the
Epilepsy journal app

Epsy App Icon

the epsy app

Epilepsy Patient Talking to Doctor with Telehealth
Epilepsy Patient Talking to Doctor with Telehealth


With telehealth giving you the chance to connect with your doctor remotely wherever you are, we prepared a quick checklist to help make it easier for you to get the most out of your virtual appointments.

Check out our telehealth tips, and then check them off when you’re ready for your appointment!